care guide

objects (coasters and trays)
Never put the coaster/ tray in a dishwasher or soak it in water. Simply clean them by using a soft cloth and finish off with a dry cloth.

furniture (cubes)
Each piece is crafted and designed with the purpose of being a timeless furniture with longevity. They required minimal maintenance due to its smooth and study structure, however with your proper care our tiled piece will still look perfect in the long run

We recommend wiping the tiled pieces regularly with clear water or mild soapy water with a non-abrasive cloth to avoid scratching. Also please avoid acid-based cleanser. We seal the grout with resin-based sealer to help making the grout easier to be cleaned, yet if any spills or stains are accidentally left, please remove them as soon as you can as grouts (especially light colours) are susceptible to staining if the spill is left for a long period of time. 

For prolonged maintenance, please also avoid using sponge-based textile for cleaning, as debris within the sponge might get caught and stuck within the grout due to its coarse surface and will hardly be taken away. 

Following traditional craftsmanship of tiling, tiled pieces by STUDIO MATRIX are made from strong and versatile materials that are made to last for interior use. Better keep our tile pieces in dry room to lower normal maintenance time.

Ceramic tiles can withstand high temperatures, however sudden interaction with very hot items such as ovened dishes might cause thermal shock which could possibly damage, crack or leave a burnt stamp on the tiled pieces. Please be reminded to always place a high temperature item on wood, cork or cloth before placing it directly on these tiled pieces to protect its carefully crafted tiled surface.  

If you wish to have a piece that can be used outdoors, our team can design and craft your bespoke piece with a higher specification to better withstand outdoor weather. Please contact us via email for more details.